AutomationSaving Time With Cloud-based Optometry Software

January 10, 20210

In today’s world, Time is money. Many big organizations, enterprises have begun turning to the cloud just to save time and increase the quality and efficiency of the administrative works. This cloud based software has provided an opportunity for ophthalmology practices and eye care market also to optimize their management and administrative systems in order for better patient care and experience. The system delivers wide array of quality solutions to managements that are hampered by outdated processes and services which are filled with errors and inefficient works. This innovative cloud-based Optometry management software leverages the complete advantages of automation and eliminates all manual and labor force based works. Thus, the cloud based optometry software helps to accelerate the efficiency and productivity ensuring the quick and easy vision care services. The features that it carries and which are removing those outdated hurdles are-

Saves both patients and doctor’s time by its appointment scheduling option.

Patients can book their appointments without having to call and wait for the receptionist to answer and to get it scheduled. You can select date and time according to your convenience effortlessly. It saves lot of time for doctors also with an opportunity to review their appointments with their patients and they can schedule their day accordingly. If no many appointments are scheduled or if any cancelled or rescheduled, he can book that slot for some other work without wasting his time at the clinic/hospital.

Eliminates the hurdle of searching patients documents and files.

The software provides an option to record and maintain patients health details. The records include patients profile, contact details, medical history, laboratory test records, bills and insurance claims etc. It will fetch you all the details about the patient recorded in the application whenever you need without having hospital management team to spend hours in files room.

Helps to save time by eliminating the unnecessary travel all the way to hospital.

First visit to the hospital might be necessary for the patients when they are certain about the treatments. But when under treatment, if you have to run all the way to hospital just to get the prescriptions refilled or to get the lab reports, it’s not necessary anymore. You can review those reports and get medication prescriptions through the application itself.

Helps the retailers and pharmaceuticals by providing an efficient Ecommerce Platform.

The Ecommerce Platform which keeps track of an inventory helps the shopkeepers to save their time by not having to sit and count inventories every time the products get sold out. It not only helps shopkeepers by making it easy to keep a count on their products, but also for customers and patients who had to stand in those long queues for hours to get their goods billed.

Saves patients from those cumbersome medical investigations from Insurance Companies.

As the application carries all the medical information about the patient such as the laboratory tests and bills, medical bills, surgery details etc, Insurance Company can review those details and release the insurance fund without having to overlook and wasting time. This helps the patients to finish all the billing process and get discharge summary within few minutes.

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