Online Prescription Lookup

Help your customers/patients move ahead from the hassle of handling prescriptions. Through our application, provide access to prescriptions at any point online in a few very easy steps! Crucially designed based on FTC rule compliance.

How does Online Prescription Lookup work?

Patients need to log in on the portal with their basic details to be filled in including their full name, phone number, date of birth, email address, and residential address.
The next step would require them to verify by providing a code that they can choose to receive via text message, email, or voice call.
After verification is done, the system would fetch priorly uploaded prescriptions and display them with the options to download them as well.
Ahead of accessing the prescriptions, patients can also go ahead to buy contact lenses from the online stores.

Why choose Online Prescription Lookup

No Paperwork
Managing hard copies of documents like prescriptions can pose difficulty and chances of manual error. Online recording of prescription data can help save the time and effort put in assembling all your paperwork as well as avoiding chances of mistakes.
Compliance with the FTC guideline
In compliance with the FTC guideline, buying contact lenses in the US requires patients to necessarily have a prescription, which should be provided by the prescribers as a must. Through our services, chances of non-compliance are eliminated as prescriptions are automatically recorded in the system and available to access at fingertips!
Lookup anytime by Mobile App
Easy access is what makes the experience smoother while dealing with prescriptions for healthcare providers as well as the patients. Our technology enables one to look up their prescription at any point through their mobile application, providing better services at both ends.
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