Patient Engagement

Increase accessibility for patients through our technology that allows booking, rescheduling, or canceling appointments online anytime and anywhere. Also, get features for having real-time messaging between patients and Ophthalmologists for easier and better communication.

How does online communication work?

Through personal profiles set up for each patient on our portal, appointments can be set up at any given point, and also be rescheduled or canceled if required, using the integrated calendar.
Patients can also access information about any prior bookings and receive regular reminders for any upcoming appointments as well through mail and text messaging.
Doctors can engage with patients on our Patient Portal for providing any instructions or other details personally through Instant Messaging, as well as through Group Messaging.
Be able to send in-bulk personalized promotional and targeted messages for increasing patient recall by using the patient data maintained on our portal.

Why communicate through OptiRise

Save effort and time
Save effort and time on both ends. Accessibility to those who are in need will only help increase patient recall and your reach in the field.
Avoid the hassle of maintaining records
Use cutting-edge technology through our application to handle patient data, maintain prescription records, and access it whenever needed. Also, save resources.
Increase engagement with patients
Proper communication between doctors and patients is important for the successful treatment of issues being faced. Real-time communication at any point of time through our portal makes service even better.
Keep your schedule busy
Through online canceling and rescheduling, reopened slots can be availed by other patients and avoid wastage of free appointment slots. Hence, helps grow the business.
Convenient communication
Convenient communication is important in the delivery of high-quality health care. Often doctors can be unavailable to visit at urgently-needed hours, communicate about any problems being faced or prescription-related matters, etc. through our patient portal until a visit is possible.
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